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Thomas’ Song

I was strumming some chords with one of my students & I decided it would be good for him to write some lyrics to go with it, so he came up with some really good words, starting with “When the light of the Son comes shining down”.  I asked if he meant “sun” or “Son” & he said “Let’s make it a church song”…

Thomas asked me, “Are you a Baptist?”  so I said, “I’m non-denominational”

He said, “So you’re Methodist…that’s almost like a Christian, right?”

When the light of the Son comes shining down on the precious land
then the world worships the one who died to save us from our sins
The Prince of peace is coming back to the new world He once knew
I was very impressed with this, but now we needed a chorus or a bridge to go with the verse.  I thought some minor chords would be a nice contrast, so I asked Thomas if he could come up with some more lyrics.  He decided Satan would be appropriate for the minor chords & Jesus for the major chords.  It sounds like he’s going to be a great songwriter…
Then there are some who don’t want to follow the way of the Light, and they stand in the way of the rays of the Light.


All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.  Isaiah 53:6

It wasn’t for the stupid stuff, the little acts of disobedience, the laziness.  Those are just symptoms of the real problem.

It was for who I am…that’s what wounded Him.  It was for the very essence of what I am, not just what I do, but what I am.  That’s why He was wounded & bloodied & beaten to death.

Jesus, can you hear me?  I’m in need of a friend.

And I hear you gave me something long ago…

On a hillside hung on a tree, He gave His life for you & me

All for me, He did it all for me

Did they hurt you?  Did they laugh at you?  Did they beat you, all for me?

But did you fight them?  Did you curse them?  or did you love them anyway?

All for me, He did it all for me

Isaiah 53:5-12

Do you feel like God’s love can’t reach you today?  Are you too far gone?  Well, I thought I was…

I wondered, “Is there a love that can cover all of my sin?”  I looked around & there He was.  Jesus wasn’t up on a throne, sitting with His arms crossed saying, “Poor little Joel”.  No, He was down there with me, in the scum & the muck, lifting me up out of the pit & placing me on a solid rock.

JMT’s thoughts on Lent

Guided By Voices

GBV inspired by Romans 7:21-25, perhaps?

Just like Peter

I feel just like Peter some times…I proclaim boldly how I would never deny Him, but then so quickly, in so many ways, I deny Him with my words, my thoughts, & my actions.  But right now, I can almost see Jesus walking on the water, & I want to jump out of the boat & run to Him, with arms, legs, body & soul flailing…

Mark 14:27-31, 66-72, John 21:4-7

It’s Your Song

We believe the songs are yours

We receive them from you Lord

It’s your word that leads us

It’s your love that frees us

It’s your light that guides us

It’s your song

Now I don’t know what tomorrow holds

I may be high, I may be low

But I believe you promised

you’d never leave me hopeless

And I believe whatever happens

it’s your song

It’s the way you show me

It’s the way you hold me

It’s the way you love me

It’s your song

Grace for grace

The Bible says, “and of His fullness we have all received, & grace for grace”. (John 1:16)  What does “grace for grace” mean?  I think it means grace on top of grace on top of grace, again & again, forever & ever.  Yes, we’re all sinners & we all fall short, but praise God, we are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ.  (Romans 3:23-24)  That’s something to sing about.  Do you think you’ve exhausted all of His grace?  Well, He has more.  As a parent, do you ever use up all your patience with your kids?  Even then, you have more to give, because your love has no limit.  Even when your kids drive you crazy & you don’t think you can handle any more, you always have more to give.  Our Father always has more grace to give… 

Lord help me to receive the fullness of your grace today, so I can be an instrument of your love & grace to a dying world.

Ok, I confess…

I would love to be on a tour bus with Roye, Brad, Dean, & Darrell, traveling around the countryside, playing churches & festivals & such.
Roye would fight Dean & Darrell for the top bunk (I would have the master suite in the back) & Brad would drive.  We wouldn’t be gone too long, just 15-20 weekends per year, play a gig, then get back on the bus & travel to the next town.  We would sit around the table on the bus, late at night, play games, make chocolate chip cookies, laugh & pray & sing & be silly.  Our families would come along, we would play our songs, the music would be annointed, & Roye would get up to speak & thousands of people would be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit.
If Will Hardy is right, & we can dream big dreams, that’s what I would dream.

Dates 2011


Sun Jan 16 @ Oak Leaf Canton (lead)

Sun Jan 23 @ Oak Leaf HOR (bass)

Sun Feb 6 @ TCAW (lead)

Sat Feb 12 @ SOB (Dolldaze)

Sun Feb 20 @ Oak Leaf HOR (bass)

Sat Feb 26 @ The Loft (Iambic)

Sun Feb 27 @ WRC West (bass)

Sun Mar 6 @ Oak Leaf Canton (lead)

Sun Mar 20 @ Oak Leaf HOR (lead)

Sun Mar 27 @ TCAW (lead)

Sun Apr 10 @ WRC West  (lead/bass)

Sat Apr 16 @ Private (acoustic duo)

Sun Apr 17 @ WRC West  (lead/bass)

Sun May 1 @ WRC West (lead/bass)

Sat May 7 @ House Concert (Police Academy)

Sun May 8 @ Oak Leaf Canton (lead/acoustic)

Fri May 13 @ The Loft (Iambic)

Sun May 15 @ TCAW (lead/acoustic)

Sun June 12 @ Oak Leaf Canton (lead/acoustic) 

Sat June 18 @ June Fest (Iambic)

Sun June 19 @ Oak Leaf HOR (lead/acoustic)

Sun July 24 @ Oak Leaf HOR (lead/acoustic)

Free to be me

Sun Feb 26, 2011  WRC West Paulding…morning services

Steve V & Brad C played acoustics, Jon on drums, Jason on keys, Derrick B & Jody D on guitar: The Time Has Come, Your Love Never Fails, Inside Out.  When Roye & I arrived @ 7 am, Derrick said we were replacing a song with one I had never heard  before, but any jitters I might’ve had disappeared when I inserted my ear buds.  The mix coming from the Avioms was CD quality.  I felt like a caveman experiencing some strange new enlightenment.  The bass guitar & kick drum were so thick & tight, I almost cried.  When we played Inside Out, the keyboard swelled, the drums & bass came in like a heart beat pounding in my chest, it sounded like Hillsong was playing.  The JBL line arrays hung above the stage.  4 OAP double-18 cabs lined the floor.  And if that wasn’t close enough to heaven, the volunteers were like angels swooping in to assist your every need.  When Brad needed help with his acoustic guitar, they were there to patch his cables, change his battery, wisp the hair out of his eyes, every possible act of service & assistance was eagerly administered.  Surely this must be what heaven is like.   

Then, we came back Sun night & it was beautiful.  I was exhausted from the night before.  I only got 2 hours of sleep.  I told Roye if it was God’s will for us to be there, He would make a way.  Well, He parted the Red Sea & made a way for Kathy & Abbie to come.  At every turn, in the morning & again that night…the sound, the spirit, the comfort level, the message, the people, & the look in Abbie’s eyes, it felt like God was confirming Himself.
Oak Leaf does not allow children in the adult services, so this was Abbie’s first official adult worship service.  I wish I had taken photos or video, because it was a perfect example on how to worship.  She was clapping, singing, lifting her hands & having an amazing experience in front of her grateful parents.