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God’s little children

Show mercy on us, kind Father, do not turn your face from your children…

“Nature itself will teach us that (apart from God) we are but orphans of the creation, waifs of the wide spaces, caught helpless amid the whirl of forces too great to comprehend. Onward through this world roars an immense and sightless power leaving in its wake generations, cities, civilizations. The earth, our brief home, offers us at last only a grave. For us there is nothing safe, nothing kind. In the Lord there is mercy, but in the world there is none, for nature and life move on as if unaware of good or evil, of human sorrow or human pain.”  A.W. Tozer

My little 3 year old is starting pre-school and facing the cold hard facts of life.  When it’s time to drop her off at school, she clings to me & begs me not to leave.  It’s tough on daddy, because I want to stay with her & calm her fears.  I remember those feelings of separation & fear of the unknown.  I am learning so much about life through her eyes, it’s amazing how parenthood has changed my perspective. 

Don’t we all wish we could stay in the safe, secure arms of our loving parents, & never venture out into the real world?  It’s a hard lesson we all have to learn.  And just when we think we have things under control & we reach the latter stages of life, we have to face the cold truth once again…as Tozer says, “the earth, our brief home, offers us at last only a grave.”  There is nothing safe, nothing kind in this life.  We are all creatures caught helpless in a whirlwind of forces we cannot control.  But in the Lord, there is mercy.  Praise God, we do have hope & we do have a Father who will always hold us & keep us.  Shouldn’t we cling to Him, with everything we have?


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