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A Christmas Miracle

I went to pick up a package from the post office today.  I was not looking forward to waiting in the dreaded line, so when I walked in and saw 25 people in front of me, I heard myself groan out loud.  Keep in mind, this was not a package for me, but for my wife.  But just as soon as I made up my impatient mind and decided to wait, low and behold a young man came up to the counter and said, “Is anyone just picking up?”  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I timidly reached into my pocket and raised my little card to show the world that I was legitimate.  Surely this was how Oliver Twist felt when he begged “Please sir, I want some more”.  Sure enough, I was ushered right up to the counter.  This fine young man produced the package and I was on my merry way in less than 3 minutes. 

The only reason I posted this, is because the very minute I decided to do something nice for my wife, I was rewarded instantly…let this be a lesson for all the husbands out there.


Merry Christmas?

Great article

“Beer is proof God loves us & wants us to be happy”

This quote stopped me in my tracks.   Ben Franklin said what???  So I looked it up & found a very well-written blog based on that specific quote:

I really enjoyed reading this blog, especially the essay called “Redemption”.  It offers a little balance to the “beer is proof” idea.  What do you think???

I believe God expects a whole lot more from us than just drinking beer & feeling good.  Blogs like this use beer…churches these days use loud music, Facebook, or whatever silly thing they can think of as a doorway to introduce people to a loving God, who offers us infinitely more than just beer, or music, or Twitter…He offers real fulfillment & redemption through Jesus Christ.

Does God want us to be “happy”…?  Of course He does, but He’s more interested in our redemption, not our shallow, self-centered version of happiness.  The real proof of His love is found in His Son, who sacrificed His own pleasure, so we could experience true life…not in chasing the empty pleasures of this life.