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Bon Iver

I’ve just had one of those moments in life when you hear a song for the first time & it seems to resonate on some deeper level.  When a song speaks to me, even when the lyrics make no sense at all, that’s when I understand the essence of a song goes far beyond what the lyrics are saying.  It’s the way the words are expressed by the singer & how effortlessly the music carries them along that make the biggest impact on me.
I was browsing some videos on youtube & stumbled upon this…



Reading the Bible Through

Are you keeping up with reading the Bible through this year?

I’ve gotten behind a couple of times, but I’ve managed to get caught up & it’s really made a difference in my life.  The Message is much easier to read, especially the OT, plus it’s nice to read old familiar passages in a new light.  It’s amazing how I find the Bible applies to so many things in my life…it makes things come together in a supernatural way!   And it’s a great detergent…it removes the toughest stains.

Jesus said, “The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life”  John 6:63 NIV

Invite God’s Word to breathe life into you…

Nugget for the Day

“One of the penalties of sin is our acceptance of it. It is not only God who punishes for sin, but sin establishes itself in the sinner and takes its toll. No struggling or praying will enable you to stop doing certain things, and the penalty of sin is that you gradually get used to it, until you finally come to the place where you no longer even realize that it is sin. No power, except the power that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit, can change or prevent the inherent consequences of sin.”    from Oswald Chambers:  My Utmost for His Highest

This is a Gift, part 2

Last Night at the HOR

Last night was the culmination of a lot of things for me personally, but I’ll save that for another post.  For this post, I’d like to focus on the energy & excitement I felt in that room…

I know our faith should not be based on feelings, but what a great feeling!!!  When we experience those mountain tops & goose bumps & chills & excitement, I think we should thank God that He gives them to us.  It won’t be like that most of the time.  We have to learn how to live in the valley, but it sure is nice when God takes us up to the mountain top & gives us a glimpse.

Oak Leaf Church had a prayer service last night at the House of Rock, getting ready for our Redemption offering this Sunday.  It was one of those moments for me.  It seemed like God was ready to do something special in that place & everyone could sense it.  From the very start, I could see expectation in  people’s eyes.  I could see joy & excitement on faces of those who were there, & those who will come later.  The music was almost effortless, & I say that because it didn’t really feel like I was playing.  I felt like I was observing.  I felt like I was witnessing something new, something being born, something we have been praying for…

I was witnessing the redemption of a building.